Body Liberation + Eating Disorder Recovery


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Blue Jaguar Healing Arts offers complementary support for eating disorders, with a focus on bulimia and binge eating for queer, trans, non-binary and folks of color. As a bulimia survivor whose recovery was made possible through the support of powerful energy healers and spiritual teachers, Syd is honored to have been called to build a healing practice that holds others in similar ways.

We focus on the intersection of Food + Bodies + Liberation because we believe that : 

  • how we are nourished matters

  • eating is a radical act for marginalized and oppressed bodies

  • our relationships to food informs + impacts all areas of our lives

  • liberation + body autonomy + radical power is possible.

Energy healing modalities are a powerful (and gentle) way to move into and through recovery. I offer an intersectional, holistic approach that honors and respects ALL of who you are - your body, your race and culture, your gender, your sexuality, your belief systems, your age, your family systems, your trauma and your longings.

This work is spirit-centered and energy based. I work with your energetic and emotional bodies to shift, heal and transform the experiences of the physical body.

This approach is not meant to be a substitute for traditional, medical care — it is complementary and supportive. 

I also recognize that medical interventions may not work or resonate for everyone. In those cases, this is another option for accessing recovery.

Energy healing is open to everyone.

Every body is different.

Every eating disorder is different.

Finding the space for your unique story and experience to be held is at the center of this work.


Body liberation is more than a healing modality. It envisions a practice space where all are invited in to experiment and discover what liberation feels and looks like in their bodies — and begin to dream that into being in their relationships, families and communities.

We work within a healing justice, harm-reduction centered framework.

There are 4 key values that drive this work.


Secrets gain power in silence. In breaking the practice and social expectations around silence, we shatter the belief that shame is a necessary companion on our healing journeys. To release shame is to reclaim power.


Even in the spaces and moments when it seems the least possible, Release Bulimia holds space for something you have not yet even dreamed of, as possible. This is not just about recovery. It is not just about shifting behaviors. It is about finding your freedom in your body, your breath, your appetite, your desire and in so much more.


You exist — in all your complexities, contradictions and beauty. You are here. There is no right or wrong way for you to exist. We honor and hold all of the pieces, recognizing the magnificent ways our physical bodies take up space, confront oppression and work damn hard to keep us alive. Your embodied experience on this earth matters.


To share a story that lives in your body, is to offer others a gift of healing magic because it allows us to see more and more of ourselves reflected back amidst the chaos. What if we could truly know, in every cell of our body, that we are ok and never ever alone? By sharing our stories, especially those not valued by mainstream narratives, we create a world where each of us hold value and truth.