All sessions are offered via Zoom or in person (in Los Angeles) and are conducted in English.

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Sliding scale options available for QT/BIPOC folks


Transformational Energy Healing

Energy healing modalities are a powerful (and gentle) way to move into and through recovery. I offer an intersectional, holistic approach that honors and respects ALL of who you are - your body, your race and culture, your gender, your sexuality, your belief systems, your age, your family systems, your trauma and your longings.

This work is spirit-centered and energy based. I work with your energetic and emotional bodies to shift, heal and transform the experiences of the physical body. This work is rooted in fat positivity, queer liberation and a de-colonial / anti-oppression framework.

In these sacred spaces, we invite in the spirits of natural world to assist in your healing + transformation. We will create ritual in the space together. Reiki and energy healing with the plants is a calming way to move through transition, grief, anger — or whatever emotional journey you are currently on.

 All Transformational Energy Healing sessions are offered via Zoom (video) and are available to folks anywhere in the world. In person sessions available in LA (Highland Park). 

Workshops + Group Learning

Syd is available for public speaking engagements, facilitation and personalized workshops.

Invite them to speak at your place of work or your college campus to give a talk or facilitate a workshop on transformative healing.

Over the past few years, Syd has partnered with USC, Occidental College, the Claremont Colleges, Naropa University, Queer Asterisk, NATWA II (North American Taiwanese Women’s Association) and others organizations to support students and members (mostly queer and POC folx) through interactive talks and workshops.

Past topics have included:

Food, Bodies + Liberation
Healing Justice as Personal Practice
Self-care as a Liberation Practice
Decolonizing Self-Care
Navigating Identity at the intersection of Spirituality + Sexuality
Energy Healing for Eating Disorders
Mindfulness + Self-care
Queer, Asian + ? : Loving up on an Intersectional Identity
Reiki (Levels 1 + 2)
Reiki Master Apprenticeship

To book Syd:

Intuitive Coaching

How do you move from the impossible into the possible?

This is an engaged and interactive offering designed to support folks specifically in finding and navigating their life purpose. An often elusive thing — PURPOSE can help up clarify how we can be of service in our lives towards a collective liberation — while honoring ourselves, our ancestors and those who are yet to be.

Sessions are a combination of inquiry, energy work, breath work, creative expression and ritual.

One on one sessions will move you confidently into next steps + help you experience:
- more clarity
- understanding of your sacred role
- connection
- personal + collective liberation
- spiritual growth + meaning

Sessions are offered via Zoom and phone (in-person if in LA).


 Community Practice Spaces

We offer both online + in-person practice spaces.

SEEDWORK (online) : In Summer 2019 I will be launching Seedwork, a new online community healing practice space for people of color living with mental illness and eating disorders. This practice space will center the experiences and voices of queer / trans / non-binary folx and will be open to all people who identify as a person of color. Mixed races experiences are absolutely welcome.

LA QUEER HEALERS (in person): On the first Sunday of every month (2-4pm), through the Meetup group, LA Queer Healers, I host a community practice space in a local park or community center (depending on weather). These circles explore embodied practices such as: meditation, manifestation, creative visualization, mindfulness and movement. Each practice space is paired with a community potluck and sharing.

OTHER COMMUNITY HEALING SPACES by request. Email for more information and explore how we might be able to co-create a transformative healing justice centered practice space for you and your community / organization.