Food,bodies + Liberation (6/1/19)

Do you long to feel free — every day — in your body?

What might your body liberation look and feel like, given your histories with food, self-criticism and trauma?

Just as our social relationships can become toxic and harmful, so can our connection to food. To survive, we need each other and need to eat. This workshop will share energetic healing practices that help to shift and reweave these relationships in our bodies. This workshop is open to all bodies and all genders and will provide a confidential space to explore how our bodies navigate eating and food for survival, using energy healing, storytelling and guided meditation. As we move towards greater liberation in our bodies, we are freed up to more joyfully create connections that feed and nurture us deeply.

This class is rooted in a liberation centered, social justice + anti-oppression framework.

The space will provide a variety of healing practice that will offer up rest and contemplation — as well as movement and action, in both individual + collective spaces.

Saturday, June 1

10am - 12pm PST

1pm - 3pm EST

Location: online

Sliding scale: $25-50

seedwork: writing circle (monthly)

Launching in June 2019, Seedwork is a collective practice space that is centered around writing + storytelling as a healing modality to release + transform. This will be conducted as a monthly online community class for people of color living with mental illness and eating disorders. This space is open to all identities, however the leadership and content will center the experiences and voices of queer / trans / non-binary folx and people of color.

Day + Time TBD

Location: online

Sliding scale: $20-$40/month

Community energy healing + sound clinic (monthly)

Sometimes, we just need a quick energy tune up or a full session isn’t in the budget. Join me + Tina DiGeorge (sound healing) once a month on the 2nd Sunday of each month for a community energy healing clinic + sound bath. We offer 30 minute individual sessions and close out the day with a 1/2 hr crystal bowl sound bath.

Location: DEAR NELA / 4809 York Ave / LA / 90042

2nd Sundays of the month

(restarting in Fall 2019)

2-5pm : Clinic

5:30 - 6pm: Sound Bath

Reiki or Sound Healing Session: $40

Sound Bath: $10 or free with session

learn reiki (level 1-master)

Is being a healing practitioner a part of your path — even if just for yourself? Learn, study and practice Reiki — an expansive, deeply transformative and balancing energy practice with Japanese and esoteric Buddhist roots. Levels 1 through Master offered in a private, one-on-one apprentice style format. Non-appropriative and queer centered approach.

Together we design a study framework that works with you time, schedule and intentions.

Learning can be done in person or distance. You do not need to live in LA to study with me.

la queer healers meetup (monthly)

On the first Sunday of every month (2-4pm), through the Meetup group, LA Queer Healers, I host a community practice space in a local park or private home (depending on weather) on the eastside of LA. These circles explore embodied practices such as: meditation, manifestation, creative visualization, mindfulness and movement. Each practice space is paired with a community potluck and sharing. It is a chill and loving way to build community with other queer healers + spiritual practitioners. All faiths and practices honored and welcomed.

1st Sundays of the month

2 - 4pm

by donation

more info: